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The latest release from the Danish Elvis Unlimited, "Elvis Is Back" has been released. The book is made like the two “Inside” boxes from Elvis Unlimited. It comes in a box including a vinyl single, DVD, postcards and a certificate. The book is 152 pages, 40 more than the previous books. You can win a copy of this book next week, just watch the site. From the press release: Elvis Is Back is all about Elvis’ return to the music scene in 1960. This year was a bittersweet one for Elvis. He was being discharged from the Army. Music had changed in two years and he was a little insecure about his music career. Yet he enters the sessions with such ambition and determination. He delivers a new mature diverse voice. “It's Now Or Never” and “Surrender” are truly challenging for Elvis. He proofs himself to be a truly talented singer and not just a flash in the pan. These recording sessions will forever stand out in Elvis’ history. It’s almost as if Elvis hit the ground running upon his return. The Colonel had been busy preparing for Elvis' return for a very long time. Not only were the recording sessions lined up, an appearance on the ABC televised Frank Sinatra Special and the filming for “G.I. Blues” were immediately following. His appearance on the Sinatra Special is warmly received by the public. Elvis innocently steals the show from Sinatra. Yet the repertoire between the two performers is very apparent. “G.I. Blues” is a very successful film for Elvis although Elvis hates being in uniform again. During this year, Elvis is also experiencing many changes in his personal life. Elvis has met Priscilla while in Germany. But he returns to his long time girlfriend Anita Wood. They continue their relationship where it left off before Elvis left for Germany. Vernon marries Dee, which is hard on Elvis because of the loss of his mother. Elvis also brings many of his friends from Germany home and the Memphis Mafia is formed. But still the most important thing during the year 1960 is the amazing recording sessions. We have two incredible albums from this year, “Elvis Is Back” and “His Hand In Mine.” Elvis truly proves his ability as a performer. He conquers every challenge he is faced with and proves Elvis is back! "Elvis Is Back" includes many never before seen pictures from this period. There is even some very interesting ones from the filming of "G.I. Blues". Those were not used in the "Inside G.I. Blues" book. The book is available from Elvis Unlimited.
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Jul 13, 2007 

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baggypants (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 26, 2007report abuse
Got my box yesterday. I could do without a few pages,featuring small images scanned from, what looks like a 35 mm original Flaming Star film strip, and the 1960 press conference stills, from dvd, aren't too hot either... But overal this is one helluva photobook, with at least 150 pix Ive not seen before. And Ive seen many, over the last 50 years...Further more there's a ton of memorabilia printed, from many different countries : Movie posters, vinyl, test pressings, magazine covers, RCA in-house paperwork, etc. O, by the way, Tony from England : I havent got a clue what's on the dvd... and for the time being, I dont care either. I bought the box for the book and the kool piece of vinyl. And that's enough for me... After all, Tony, you exspect rare unseen 1960 footage on a freebie dvd?! Grow up.
baggypants (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 15, 2007report abuse
Yes, in English, Swahili, Hawaiian and Fries.
Rusty (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 15, 2007report abuse
Does anybody know if this book is in English ?
elvislady (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 13, 2007report abuse
might give this ago.
chicken (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 13, 2007report abuse
Is this available in English?
baggypants (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 13, 2007report abuse
Glad Im not goin' for the 3 ftd's. The money saved will get me this ultra kool lookin' package! I dont exspect anything unusual from the dvd - the entire Graceland interview, and clips from his homecoming? - but Im sure the book will have a lot of rarities to offer. Take notice, Tunzi, this is how to present a book!

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