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The upcoming Follow That Dream reissue release of "Elvis Is Back" is available for pre-order at several on-line shops. This edition is a 2CD set in the well known 7 inch package and contains the original album, the singles, first takes, March sessions and April sessions. Use the shoplink below for an on-line store near you. Track Listing: Disc 1 From the Original Album Release: Make Me Know It / Fever / The Girl Of My Best Friend /I Will Be Home Again / Dirty, Dirty Feeling / The Thrill Of You Love / Soldier Boy / Such A Night / It Feels So Right / Girl Next Door Went A’Walking / Like A Baby / Reconsider Baby / The Original Singles Released from the Sessions: Stuck On You / Fame And Fortune / It’s Now Or Never / A Mess Of Blues / Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Gotta Know (including Take 1*) / Alternate Takes: Make Me Know It (Take 1) / Fever (Take 1) / The Girl Of My Best Friend (Take 3) / Soldier Boy (Take 1) / Such a Night (Take 1) / It Feels So Right (Take 1) / Stuck on You (Take 1) / Fame And Fortune (Take 2) / It’s Now Or Never (Take 1) / Are You Lonesome Tonight (Takes 1,2) Disc 2 The March Session: Make Me Know It (Take 3) / Make Me Know It (Takes 9*,10*,11) / Make Me Know It (Takes 17,18) / Soldier Boy (Takes 2*,3*,7) / Soldier Boy (Takes 9*,10) / Stuck On You (Takes 1-FS, 2) / Fame And Fortune (Takes 4*,5) / A Mess Of Blues (Take 1) / A Mess Of Blues (Takes 2*,3*) / It Feels So Right (Take 2) / It Feels So Right (Takes 4*,3) / The April Session: Fever (Takes 2*,3*-“f---” at end taken out) /Like A Baby (Take 1-FS/BD*) / Like A Baby (Take 2) / Like A Baby (Takes 3,4*) / It’s Now Or Never (Take 2) / It’s Now or Never (Takes 3,4*) / Girl Of My Best Friend (Takes 2*,4*,5*,6) / Girl Of My Best Friend (Take 9) / Dirty, Dirty Feeling (Take 1) / Dirty, Dirty Feeling (Takes 2*,3*-sp last chord from 4/m) / Thrill Of Your Love (Takes 1,2*,1-PB) / Such A Night (Takes 2,3,4*/5-sp) / Girl Next Door Went A’Walking (Takes 1,2,3) / Are You Lonesome Tonight (Takes 4*-FS,3*, wp 1/2-sp*)
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Dan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 25, 2005report abuse
**quick note*** The "F" word at the end of Fever has NOT been removed! You can hear it very clearly! It's not like ernst to edit these releases, so i did not think he would cut that out. It's just Elvis , the Man.
Dan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 25, 2005report abuse
Great album! The sound is superb! The stereo is awesome, full and rich with deep bass and crisp highs, very little hiss. This will probably rank as one of the best quality sessions along with the Elvis Today sessions. This one will keep you listening.....
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 12, 2005report abuse
i own the rare gatefold release vinyl and always loved this album..its true elvis magic and to hear more outtakes from the elvis is back sessions is a dream come true!, cant wait to get my copy from now dig this soon.
xeletahi (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 7, 2005report abuse
You have all got such a short memory. Wernt we told that Ernst has ruined it by loosing his mixer, sure the sound isnt supposed to be up to scratch, according to elvisnews.
elvinpelvin (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 7, 2005report abuse
This album is definitely one of the most monumental, and compelling Elvis albums of all time. It's actually been my favorite work from Elvis for many years. What can I say? Elvis was back. The King had returned. His voice, immaculate. Can't wait to get it. Superb.
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 7, 2005report abuse
sorry give me gi blues anytime . it sold millions and at the most popular film and music and in the pictorials . also elvis at best voice . best album cover too .
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 5, 2005report abuse
Glenn, I think it's ex aequo. Both From Elvis In Memphis and this one are the best(s). I pre-ordered it the day I knew about its release (like I do with any FTD :-)). For sure I will enjoy this one, and if the sound quality of the original album isn't satisfying, I still have the 24K one....
glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 5, 2005report abuse
This is surely one of the best album from the 60´, if not the best next to the Memphis album 1969. Elvis is in his best form and sings the hallelujah at these sessions. Surely the best FTD since the beginning. TCB.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 5, 2005report abuse
This is an excellent Collectors' Essential Edition. Definately one of the very best Elvis Presley Recording Session. Good to have this on 7" format package at last. More please...

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