Elvis Insiders Guest Announcements

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control, Steve Binder will not be able to attend the Elvis Insiders Conference during Elvis Week.
A new Elvis Insiders conference guest is Richard Sterban, making his first conference appearance. Richard Sterban (second from the right) will be there to share his memories of touring and performing with Elvis. Richard sang bass for JD Sumner and the Stamps Quartet, and toured with Elvis in the early 70s. In 1972, Richard joined the Oak Ridge Boys. Richard also appeared in Elvis: The 30th Anniversary Concert at the FedEx Forum.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Aug 7, 2008 
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Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2008report abuse
Yes second from the left. A great bass voice. Think Elvira.
genedin (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2008report abuse
nice to finally have someone different but too bad i wont be in memphis ,bummer
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2008report abuse
Richard Sterban is second from the left.
Tiger-man-GB (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2008report abuse
Is'nt the second from the right Ed Enoch?

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