Elvis: In Living Stereo

The Memphis Recording Service label has announced their forthcoming VINYL version of 'Elvis: In Living Stereo'. The three LP set features over 150 remastered tracks of the essential recordings from Elvis' classic 1960-1962 period along with rare alternate outtakes - including previously unreleased material - and also featuring all the complete personal home recordings that Elvis made in the 1960s. All tracks have been cleaned, repaired and restored using the most advanced technology available. The MRS VINYL 3-LP version is scheduled for release on May 22, 2020.

1960 SIDE A - 24 MINS
01. Make Me Know It
02. Soldier Boy
03. Stuck on You
04. Fame and Fortune
05. A Mess of Blues
06. It Feels So Right
07. Fever
08. Like A Baby
09. It's Now or Never

1960 SIDE B - 26 MINS
01. The Girl of My Best Friend
02. Dirty Dirty Feeling
03. Thrill of Your Love
04. I Gotta Know
05. Such a Night
06. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
07. The Girl Next Door Went A-Walkin
08. I Will Be Home Again
09. Reconsider Baby
10. Surrender

1961 SIDE C - 26 MINS
01 I'm Comin' Home
02. Gently
03. In Your Arms 
04. Give Me the Right 
05. I Feel So Bad 
06. It's a Sin 
07. I Want You With Me 
08. There's Always Me 
09.. Starting Today 
10. Sentimental Me 
11. Judy 

1961 SIDE D - 26 MINS
01. Put the Blame On Me
02. Kiss Me Quick 
03. That's Someone You Never Forget
05. (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame
06. Little Sister
07. For the Millionth and Last Time (Take 8)
08. Good Luck Charm
09. Anything That's Part of You
10. I Met Her Today (Take 14)
11. Night Rider

1962 SIDE E – 22 MINS
01. Something Blue
02. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow
03. (Such An) Easy Question
04. Fountain of Love
05. Just for Old Time Sake
06. I Feel That I've Known You Forever
07. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Tryout)
08. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
09. Suspicion
10. She's Not You

01. Make Me Know It (Take 14)
02. Soldier Boy (Take 11)
03. Fame and Fortune (Take 1)
04. A Mess of Blues (Take 4LFS)
05. Kiss Me Quick (Take 2)
06. Anything That's Part of You (Take 3)
07. Fountain of Love (Take 6)
08. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Take 3)
09. Suspicion (Take 4 splice w end of Take 5)

10. She's Not You (Take 2FS & Comp)

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Apr 17, 2020 
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jaques marcello (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 18, 2020report abuse
Very nice
bajo (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 17, 2020report abuse
I assume there's a genuine love for Elvis behind a release like this! But, I sometimes wonder if the RCA/BMG/SONY/FTD policy, which "milked the cow" more than enough, kinda calls for another "milking"?
DerekH (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 17, 2020report abuse
Three years of great recordings and chart hits. Not a bad song to be found. Any fan will enjoy this collection.

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