Elvis In Concert Promotion

Here's the first leaflet ad for "Elvis In Concert" coming to Bangkok in October. The Thai language on the upper left reads: "Getting ready for the real Elvis, the real voice".
Source: HT Long / Updated: Aug 23, 2006 
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Slava (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 19, 2006report abuse
I now have my ticket - is anyone interested in meeting up for pre/post concert drinks and ElvisTalk?
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 29, 2006report abuse
Our Kid Galahad is "King of the Whole Wide World"
noi (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2006report abuse
Elvis in Bangkok, so nise so excited news for Elvis Fan in Asia!!! The king and Queen of Thailand met Elvis in 1960 in Hollywood. On the set to 'GI Blues. Any way I plan to go to BKK. I saw the promotion CM of this concert on the Thai TV several times this week.Now I stay near Thailand so can see Thai TV.
zahir (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2006report abuse
and how about India....when?? It was not too far from Bangkok....
Getlow (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 24, 2006report abuse
Really looking forward to it. I moved to Cambodia from Scotland 15 months ago, I am an hour away from Bangkok. The arena looks really huge. "I'm so excited, oh I can't wait"
Frans67 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 23, 2006report abuse
Such a shame! When this concert stars in Bangkok I'm just gone from this city; flying transit; on my way back to Amsterdam...but I ordered tickets for the TCB band in "de Melkweg" in Amsterdam on sept. 11th. Anyone else going ??
Renan Augusto (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 23, 2006report abuse
And South America? Especially Brazil?? Come on, bring the concert here.
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 23, 2006report abuse
wow! I certainly hope the "elvis in concert" show comes to the Netherlands some other time!
ekravik (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 23, 2006report abuse
What about a European tour soon? Bangkok is too fra away..
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 23, 2006report abuse
That's a beautiful lay-out. Looks very cool.

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