Elvis Home Movie Fetches Nearly £4,000?

Confusing news!

The Gazette & Herald mentions:

The film of personal moments at home between Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla fetched £3,700 at an auction in Devizes today. The buyer will never be able to show the movie in public, or at least charge for the privilege, as the copyright was not included in the sale.

Nevertheless, bidding was keen at Aldridge's saleroom at the Bath Road Business Centre in Devizes today. The film was eventually knocked down to a telephone bid from the United States for £3,200 plus 15 per cent buyer's premium.

The film was one of a score or more of items originally from the collection of Jimmy Velvet, who sold off his Elvis Presley Museum collection in 1994. Bidding was also fierce on a tiny reddish brown triangular guitar pick, or plectrum, used by The King during his final tour in 1977. It eventally went for £1,200. The original registration documents for Elvis's Harley Davidson motorbike fetched £1,500.

A tiny strand of Elvis's hair, just 12mm long and mounted in a gold disc, was sold for just £300. A similar item went for nearly £1,000 at Aldridge's last sale of Elvis memorabilia in November.

While the BBC site says:

Footage showing the moment Elvis and Priscilla Presley brought their baby daughter home for the first time has failed to sell at a Wiltshire auction.The reel of 16mm film showing intimate family moments lasts for 17 minutes and had been expected to fetch £4,000.

A guitar pick, used by Elvis on his final tour in 1977, sold to a British collector for nearly £1,300. A registration card for Elvis's 1966 Harley Davidson Motorcycle also sold for £1,400.

Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said there was keen bidding for other items of Elvis memorabilia during Saturday's sale.

"The film didn't go this time - we'd thought it would raise between £3,000 and £5,000." But it was sold without copyright so it couldn't be publically shown. "If that wasn't the case you could have put an extra couple of zeros on the end of the guide price," he added.

The film had come from Jimmy Velvet, president of the Elvis Presley Museum, in Nashville, Tennessee. In the film Priscilla Presley explains it contains some of her precious memories of the days she had with Elvis. It shows Elvis and Priscilla at a party on the eve of their wedding in May 1967, as well as footage from the wedding at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. It also shows the Presleys arriving home from the hospital with Lisa Marie, and Elvis and Priscilla driving around Memphis waving at fans and holding their daughter to the window.

Source: Various / Updated: Jan 17, 2010 
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David Brys (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 18, 2010report abuse
How could one copyright a home movie? Oh well... The EP Estate should buy this for their vaults. Or Priscilla or Lisa Marie...
sitdown revamped (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 17, 2010report abuse
well, this is just sick...is there anybody out there to stop this? I guess, copyright in this item isn't included either ;-) A tiny strand of Elvis's hair, just 12mm long and mounted in a gold disc, was sold for just £300

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