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During Cooper Owen's forthcoming "At The Movies Virtual auction" on the 28th April, Elvis' "Stay Away Joe Hat" will be for sale: A fawn coloured felt stetson hat purported to have been part of Elvis Presley' wardrobe on the 1968 film Stay Away Joe. The hat has makers label Resistol Self. Conforming XXX Beaver inside. The hat also has a Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures label , and numerous hand written notes inside, such as Stay Away Joe, Elvis Presley and Return To Wardrobe.The outside of the hat is signed Elvis Presley, Burgess Meredith and Joan Blondell. The hat has a small tear on one side, and as such was not used in the film itself, but a Stetson, believed to be this one, was placed for sale at an auction held at Elvis' Circle G Ranch, on November 5 1968. The hat is accompanied by a typed letter, with original envelope, on Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures headed paper, dated 1970. The letter explains that a Stetson was withdrawn from use in the film (Stay Away Joe) due to damage and that at a later date was included with various other Elvis related film items at the 'Circle G Ranch' Arizona. The letter is from Edith Head, of the Wardrobe Department, MGM Studios. Intrestingly the letter refers to the filming taking place in late 1968, when in fact the film was made in 1967 and released in 1968. Expected price: £2,000-3,000
Source: Cooper Owen / Updated: Apr 7, 2004 

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dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 7, 2004report abuse
The actress Joan Blondell made some very nasty and negative comments about Elvis; tellingly they all came after his death. One I remember very clearly (because it made me so damn angry when I read it): "In the end he looked on the outside what he had always been on the inside -- a big, fat, greasy slob." Thus, I wouldn't want anything with her signature on it!

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