Elvis Has Left The Building

Out now is the new Rock Legends CD "Elvis Has Left The Building" from the Dutch fan club It's Elvis Time. As the title indicates, this two-paneled digipack contains original radio- and television broadcasts from August 16th and 17th, 1977, reporting the death of Elvis Presley. On this almost eighty minutes release, you can follow the news as it happened: from the first unconfirmed rumours, then the confirmation from the hospital and then the speculations and reactions, including the first unedited interview with Elvis' father Vernon Presley at ca. 16.30pm on August 16th, only a few hours after Elvis' body had been found. Also on this CD a long excerpt from the "Elvis What Happened" press-conference where Sonny West discusses the controversial book. As a bonus track an unreleased recording of Elvis backstage with several Japanese fans, recorded just minutes before the Midnight Show on August 9th, 1973.
Source: It's Elvis Time / Updated: Aug 10, 2003 
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