Elvis Gold

The Not Now budget label released the CD "Elvis Gold" with 50 tracks from the 1955-1960 era.

Source: elv75 / Updated: Nov 22, 2010 

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Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 22, 2010report abuse
I read the notes of the Board Meeting which released this album: Director: "well here we have some Elvis 50's none copyright material- that can follow up our John Denver greatest hits release sold at every K Mart" Marketing manager: " Shall I look in the archives for a nice Elvis picture for the front cover? " Director: " No, why bother.." Marketing manager: " What shall we name it?" Director: " What was the nqame of the John Denver release?" Mark. manager: " Uhm.. Gold I believe" Director: ' Well, Gold it is!" Next release!..

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