Elvis Former Home Up For Sale

For $2.5 million you can buy Elvis Presley's former Chino Canyon Road home. Coldwell Banker Real Estate agent Desiree Otero confirmed Friday that the owners put the house on the market "just a couple days ago." The 5,040-square-foot estate rests on almost two acres in Palm Springs' Little Tuscany neighborhood. Presley lived there with his wife, Priscilla, and recorded part of his "Raised on Rock" album there. Presley bought the Spanish-style ranch for $85,000 in 1970. It was the only property the star owned in Palm Springs. Another home, located on Ladera Circle, is also of Presley fame because Elvis and Priscilla Presley honeymooned there. In the last few months, the West Chino Canyon estate has been mired in legal dispute. Reno Fontana and a former business partner, Herman "Skip" Jaehne of Venice, Fla., are suing each other over the property. Fontana had been living in the house with his family. He told The Desert Sun a few months ago that he and Jaehne had an unwritten pact that Jaehne would use his credit to get the loan and to put his name on the house's title. But the deal, according to Fontana, was that the men would split ownership. Jaehne, however, has argued that Fontana has lived there without paying rent. Also up for sale (this time on eBay) are the original Graceland blueprints. The start price of US$5,000.00 and you can find it under number 7519491436. The owner of these is the son of the man who remodeled Elvis' home Graceland. We have the photocopy shown of the actual check totaling $3791.55 signed on June 6, 1957 by Vernon Presley for the down payment on the remodel. The check is made out to George W. Nash, who was the father of the present owner. You see in the pictures "Dr. Thomas D. Moore's" name. He and his wife were the original owners of Graceland. The Moore's and Mr. George Nash were dear friends and related by marriage. After Dr. Thomas Moore and Mrs. Ruth Frazier Moore were divorced, Mrs. Moore sold Graceland to Elvis Presley. These blueprints were included with the sale of the house, and Mrs. Moore told Elvis that these were the original hand-drafted blueprints. Elvis Presley gave these blueprints to George W. Nash in order to remodel the kitchen for Elvis' mother, Gladys Presley.
Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Jun 5, 2005 
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