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As announced earlier BMG UK will release "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits"and "Elvis 2nd To None" in one package (2 original CD's in a cardboard slip case titled "Elvis Forever"). The label will also release a digi pack version of Christmas Peace on November 22. Elvis Forever will be both 30 #1 Hits and 2nd To None CD's in a cardboard slip case. From the description it looks like two ordinary CD's as per the original release in a cardboard slip case and named Elvis Forever.
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Oct 26, 2004 
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chriselvis (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 5, 2004report abuse
I cant see the problem, as a collector If it's in the elvis corner, elvis is the singer on it i'll buy it. even if it's been released before with a different cover.
data (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 31, 2004report abuse
This is a real shame,those CDs should be promoted every year and not be dumpt in a set. BMG has two winners that could sell a good amound of copys every year, just give them the right promotion.
Elvos (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 31, 2004report abuse
I will just do that. Thanks for giving me right to do that ;-)) But im a collector and as far as I can go I would like to keep my collection complete. What I ment was I won't buy it except when i See it laying around for maybee 5 or 10 euro's. Offcourse BMG can put out better and less known songs,But what counts for bmg is the number of sales, and greatest hits compilations always do well. BUT what they could do is make a set of so called greatest hits and combine them with a cd with the greatest SONGS chosen by fans from the world wide web. Something for everybody....
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 29, 2004report abuse
Errah EspenK You see ,you seem to miss the point altogether. The point bieng that BMG could put all that "extra" money into promoting Elvis to the public with the massive amount of fantastic songs that the public are not aware of instead of pushing the same ole songs. There are people out there that seriously think that the hits are all Elvis ever recorded.
And would you please not refer to the contributors on here as "you people", we are all very much individuals thankyou.
Elvos ?? as for waiting a year to grab that cd with all the same songs you already have well you go ahead and just do that.
Elvos (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 29, 2004report abuse
EspenK has it right. If you don't want it you don't have to buy it! That's your own decision. As for me I will wait a year and get it when it will be dumped in the discount corner... lol
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 28, 2004report abuse
Errah... Guys? This release is obviously not meant for you guys to buy, if you already got the two. BMG got a few more people to promote Elvis to than you guys, you know. The WHOLE Elvis-world doesnt circulate around just you. You are not the only ones BMG want, or should, please. And if someone feel like giving this collection to a friend at xmas, what does it hurt you? (irony) Im sure BMG still got a pile of poor outtakes and lousy concert recordings to feed you with. Stuff that others find worthless. Got my point?
louise (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 27, 2004report abuse
i have got both cds i may go out an buy a double cd case and put both cds into it as i would not waste my money on buying this latest cd to line bmgs pocket
hillbillycat (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2004report abuse
Dont be surprised guys, they have been ripping us off, for a long, long time now.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2004report abuse
This just smacks of a real lack of imagination. Yeh they will sell a few more copies but it looks like BMG UK have exhausted all ideas for future projects.
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2004report abuse
Remixes of A little less conversation and Rubberneckin i meant.
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2004report abuse
Ernst , looks like BMG have not learned anything from you. Repackaging cds that have most probably out sold their full potential. Surely BMG will have spent more producing these than they will make on them, unless they had alot left over and now theyr trying to get rid of them. With cardboard covers , its seems like this just might be the case.
Imagine if BMG had went all out to produce and seriously promote a new CD for Christmas called something like " Do You Know Who I Am "? or " The Kings Call" with a selection of the overlooked gems such as " Wearin that loved on look", "Power of my love", I need you so ", "Reconsider Baby", " Clean up your own backyard" etc with an extensive advertising campaign, oh and some tinsil ofcourse.With the succes of the remies of ALLC and rubberneckin they should have stayed along those lines of gritty unknown ELvis songs. I have even desiged a rather good cover for this , should have been cd.
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2004report abuse
I think this is a good idea. There is a lot of mileage in these albums, if promoted reasonably well it will keep selling. I would perticularly like to see this happen in the US where both albums could significantly increase RIAA certification.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2004report abuse
I personally cannot see anything wrong with this release. It will be a nice item for people to give as a Christmas present to casual music lovers. It's just a piece of cardboard containing two previously released CD's. Completists will want it, because they buy every single variation, but that is their choice. The rest of us can stick with the FTD CD's. One of these packages might be bought by or for someone who is new to Elvis' music, and this might just give them the taste for more. Is that such a bad thing? As for potentially low sales figures, perhaps BMG are trying to clear some stocks of CD's sitting on shelves, hence the re-branding.
Sal (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2004report abuse
I wonder what 'bright' spark thought of such a 'original' idea as that? isnt that 3 releases of No:1's so far? 1) the original 2)the 2cd special edition 3) Elvis Forever?...get the most mileage and what better time than now and keep 'fleecing' the fans (who no doubt will buy under sufference) ...again! I was personally hoping for another dignified release, but this is exactly how the Presley catalogue got messed up in the first place and FTD went about correcting it.Phew!
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2004report abuse
Complete madness. All BMG are doing is 'window dressing' and as a result these will not sell in large quantities. In fact I would think that very poor sales will be the result. A very sad decision since pre -christmas sales are usually high for a lot of artists.

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