Elvis For Everyone Promo #3

On eBay we found a third volume in what appears to be a series of promotional releases from the Dutch Elvis For Everyone fan club. This CD contains 25 tracks covering rare rehearsals (1970 and 1974), rare on stage performances (70-74), interviews, studio excerpts and rare items / press conferences according to the information on eBay. The CD is a picture disc and 500 copies were made.
Source: Ebay / Updated: Nov 16, 2004 
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Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2004report abuse
Thanks to the guy who told me that he can send me Vol.1 and Vol.3. He know who it is. I´m so happy to get them! There are really fantastic and a big plus in my collection.
BigRedGG (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2004report abuse
Great release. Mostly only excerpts from actual performances and rehearsals rather than full songs etc, but some fascinating insights into Elvis' life, preparation for shows and actual performances. Great cover and disc too!
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2004report abuse
Just got my copy of this superb Promotional CD. A nice Collectors' item.

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