Elvis Festival Receives Funding

The local Ministry of Tourism in Collington (Canada) has announced almost 94.000 dollars in funding for the yearly Elvis Festival. 75.000 dollar has been earmarked for programming enhancements, including more seating capacity for the competitions. Nearly 20.000 dollars will go towards marketing for the Festival. The 2006 version was once again honoured as one of the Top 50 Festivals in Ontario. The 13th annual Collingwood Elvis Festival will be held July 26th to the 29th.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: May 5, 2007 

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KeithJ (profilecontact) wrote on May 5, 2007report abuse
It is a great festival,I have attended for the last 10 years, the whole town gets in volved, the money was provided by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism to the town of Collingwood for their Elvis Festival, just to let you know.
June (profilecontact) wrote on May 5, 2007report abuse
Have never been.... never had the chance but, I hear it is terrific. Of course, any celebration of Elvis is wonderful.............

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