Elvis Fan Club CD Is Back

Every year, EPE sends the fan club presidents around the world a special one track CD as a thank you for the work they do throughout the year. This year, EPE picked 'Peace In The Valley' as the X-mas song for 2010.

In the annual message Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley write: "This has been a great years to be a fan of Elvis Presley! The launch of Viva ELVIS by Cirque du Soliel, the new Elvis exhibit at the Newseum in Washington, the celebration of "Elvis On Tour", and the recent release of Viva ELVIS - The Album have been just a few ways fans around the world have celebrated Elvis' life and legacy."

"2011 is certain to be another amazing year. As you know, it is the 55th Anniversary of Elvis' first RCA single, first album, first movie and first television appearance. From new exhibits at Graceland and on Elvis.com to special movie and music releases, there will be many ways for you to celebrate this special year with us." 

Source: elv75 / Updated: Dec 8, 2010 
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Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2010report abuse
"The celebration of Elvis On Tour"? A loused up mess of a release that will have to be corrected at some point in the future. "The recent release of 'Viva Elvis - The Album'" You mean the album that vanished quicker than a frog on a hot rock? I can't wait to see what these jokers have planned for 2011 - "another amazing year". Perhaps Viva Elvis costumes and a whole album of 'duets' with faded 'stars' who are desperate for any kind of publicity?
KurtKK (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2010report abuse
To what Cilla & Lisa say: "no comment" from a very dissappointed fan (re. what EPE could have done so much more better in 2010 for us, his loyal fans (since 1957).

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