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Charlie Hodge, Scotty Moore, George Klein, Jerry Schilling, Suzanna Leigh, Joe Kent and others will do a special benifet for the late Richard Davis Triplets January 6, 2005. Richard Davis, longtime member of Elvis's personal entourage and a very good friend to EPE and to Elvis fans everywhere, died peacefully in his sleep last august, apparently from a heart attack. Memphis-born Richard Davis was many things to Elvis: friend, valet, bodyguard, even movie stand-in. He went to work for Elvis in the early 60'ies and their relationship continued up until Elvis's death in 1977. Davis never wrote a book "because there's never been a book written about Elvis yet that's totally truthfull. I don't agree with books (of the Memphis Mafia), because a lot is fabrication. They're only written to make money at Elvis's expense, and he's not here to defend himself." There will also be Elvis artifacts on display. All proceeds will go to Richard Davis' Triplets. For the details, see our events section.
Updated: Oct 25, 2004 
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Elvisguitarman (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 27, 2004report abuse
I think it's great that a benefit is to be held for Richard & Kim Davis' triplets. It makes me happy that former EP friends are TCB'ing one of their own's family. Rock on!
David Brys (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2004report abuse
With all respect to the departed... I can't understand why making money is THE reason of some of the insiders to have not putting out more thruthfull information about Elvis. What this world needs (if it needs anything from Elvis that is) is more sincere stories, more respectfull books/products etc. Ernst Jorgensen for example is doing a very nice job at it. He makes money on Elvis in a decent way, a way which doesn't harm the entertainer that Elvis was. If a good product sells a lot, it is no shame!

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