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The Brazilian fan club, "Elvis Presley's World" will release a series of three books that deal with Elvis's career. In 2005, the first book was released, called "O Rei de Las Vegas", which it described, in detail, Elvis in Las Vegas. In 2006, the second volume of this collection, called "Elvis em Turnê", has been released. This book deals with all of Elvis's tours in the seventies.
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Nilson Rego (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 14, 2006report abuse
Dear fellows:

Recently, I honorably received a demand of writing some words about a new book published in Brazil, what I did promptly. As a matter of fact, it is a pleasure also to share with you the resume of the text I sent to the author and to some Brazilian clubs, portrait of some impressions about this nice publication and the ELVIS´ WORLD in Brazil.

I d thank your attention and kindness.



Much more than a book, it is a beautiful catalog concerned mainly to Brazilian fans unable to get a good Internet access worldwide.

Through this point of view, WALDENIR AUGUSTO CECON, its mentor and publisher, creator and president of ELVIS´ WORLD, that has been making a marvelous job among fans in Brazil, really worded out!

Each one of the 394 ELVIS´ shows between 1970 and 1977, his 30 tours, were visited promptly and each detail about day, time, place, wardrobe, songs, personal, hotels, transportation, audiovisual stuff is described.

Sociology teaches us that, when the ROCK UNIVERSE is the subject, images are as important as sounds. The visual esthetics and appearance prevail. When we talk about ELVIS, it is not different at all!

Here, quantities and records mean quality, high numbers and amounts are considered trues, the bigger you show, the better you are - no matter what - and, mainly, appearances are always portraits of the reality. It's almost book for teens of all ages! And, naturally, at the center of the mirage, our ELVIS, extremely brilliant, no one doubts, reposes as a God, remarkable. We do need this super-hero, kind of idealized father, brother, fellow or friend, I have confirmed for decades. That's why the idols are. And that's why the book is so adequate and welcome: it serves its public as a silk glove!

Naturally, CECON is a researcher and surely knows that nobody is fool. Neither is he! However, makes the needed concessions to improve the myth and, as a matter of fact, guaranty the success of his important publication.

Particularly, I will keep waiting that, someday we can deal with ELVIS and his marvelous story healthier, allowing that a reasonable and trustful book - and there are already wonderful biographies made - can be turned into a gorgeous film, like Hollywood recently made with CHARLES and CASH. An adult and interesting film about ELVIS, respected by the world, may never be a naive fairytale. However, yet, if the myth is bothered, millions of dollars are in risk. Then, everybody looses. Complicated.

Finally, I do thank the authors about reminding my name at the moment that ELVIS completes 40 years in my life.


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