Elvis Country Recognized

This month's edition of Mojo has a special feature on the 67 lost albums you must own. "Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old)" is one of the albums featured. There is even a large in concert pic of Elvis just above the brief entry.
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Mar 20, 2004 

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big john (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 29, 2004report abuse
i'think dat elvis country 1 of the best albums he ever recordith i'm sorry voor my beth englis buth i love elvis with hole my haert greetings john
roustabout (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 23, 2004report abuse
I agree- " Country" is a neglected classic, along with the aforementioned " Elvis Is Back" and " From Elvis In Memphis". I cannot agree, however,with " TTWII".
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 22, 2004report abuse
And sadly this great album (CD) has been deleted from the
Current RCA catalog!! Maybe more good press like this
will demand a re-release of this album! Like to see it remastered and remixed for the best sound !!
moody blue (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 21, 2004report abuse
As well as the three mentioned,the original THATS THE WAY IT IS should stand shoulder to shoulder with them.
bajo (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 21, 2004report abuse
I agree with "dismas" here! Elvis Country sure is an album worth placing along with the two mentioned! And I must say I'm pleased to see that the new generation tends to look more seriously into Elvis' music. Ernst and Roger have done a superb job over the years!
dismas (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 21, 2004report abuse
Happy to see that this great LP is getting some positive ink. While it received many very favorable reviews upon its initial early 1971 release, it seemed to have fallen under the radar over the years. Maybe the continuing (and generally very positive) re-evaluation of Elvis' work over the course of the last few years has helped. erhaps "Elvis Country" will one day soon justifiably take its place alongside albums like "Elvis Is Back" and "From Elvis In Memphis" as one of the best of his career. Many thanks to folks at Mojo!

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