Elvis Commercial Update From Graceland

Maybe you've seen it by now - the AIG (American International Group, Inc.) commercial starring Elvis himselvis...well, mainly his legs. Airing nationally, the spot for this insurance and financial services company urges you to take a chance, just as Elvis did when he dared to shake his legs in uptight 50s America. Elvis leg action footage from the 50s is used throughout and it ends with that great full-figure- from-behind cape-spread shot from the 1972 concert film Elvis on Tour. You never see Elvis' face in the commercial. It conveys an image of Elvis as a pioneer, a leader. Cool stuff. Sorry, AIG's web site does not show the commercial, so you'll have to catch it on television. Learn more about AIG at http://aig.com
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jul 1, 2000 
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