Elvis Classics Ticket Winner

Congratulations to Gabe Bosma! You're the lucky winner of 2 VIP tickets for the Elvis Classics II show on Sunday May 22nd in Mol, Belgium. The tickets are available at the front desk of the Vito Showroom on May 22nd, as of 5 pm (show starts at 7 pm). Joe Guercio, his 75 piece rock orchestra and ElvisMatters are expecting you! For those who didn't win: thanks so much for joining, and better luck next time. Last tickets (17 and 27 euro) for the Classic show are available here: info@elvismatters.be. O, right... the answer. The question was: who composed "Also Sprach Zarathustra". This classical piece was composed by Richard (not Johan) Strauss (1864-1949) in 1896.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: May 15, 2005 

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Gabe (profilecontact) wrote on May 16, 2005report abuse
Thanks JohanD, i'm very excited to go. I've been to Elvis the concert in Ahoy and that was fantastic and Elvis classics with a 75 piece orchestra and Joe Guercio sounds even better. I can't wait!
JohanD (profilecontact) wrote on May 16, 2005report abuse
I will be there too!! The show last year was great,this one will be stunning!! Congratiulations Gabe!!

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