Elvis Charity CD Banned

The Burning Star fan club organized the "Elvisfest Portugal 2002" on August 16 2002. For this event they produced 2 CD's - one tribute CD and one CD with the song "Miracle Of The Rosary" to raise money for charity. The fan club got permission from EPE on the festival and from BMG Portugal for the CD’s since only 500 copies were made, especially for charity. EPE didn’t answer the fan club on releasing the CD’s until after the festival. When the answer came EPE they told the fan club the CD’s couldn’t be used because of the Elvis pictures on the back of the "Miracle" CD and they couldn't use an Elvis picture on a CD with songs sang by other singers (the festival poster was used for the cover). So the CD’s are produced, but can’t be sold for charity or given away to the festival guests. This turned out to become embarrassing for the fan club and for the sponsors as this event was broadcasted live in every TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, internet, etc all over the country.
Source: Various / Updated: Nov 25, 2002 
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