Elvis Chante Jerry Leiber And Mike Stoller Finally Out

It's been more than two years since this release was announced and now finally available; "Elvis Chante Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller" is a French release by the French My happiness fan clubs with 2 picture CDs and a beautifully designed booklet. On disc 1 are the usual versions Elvis sang of Leiber and Stoller songs, on disc 2 only alternative versions. The CDs have 69 tracks in total. CD 1: Hound Dog/Love Me/Hot Dog/Loving You/Jailhouse Rock/I Want To Be Free/Baby I Don't Care/Treat Me Nice/Don't/Santa Claus Is Back In Town/Trouble/King Creole/Steadfast, Loyal And True/Dirty, Dirty Feeling/Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello/She's Not You/Girls! Girls! Girls!/Bossa Nova Baby/You're The Boss/Little Egypt/Fools Fall In Love/Saved/If You Don't Come Back/Three Corn Patches/Jailhouse Rock (Stereo master)/I Want To Be Free (Master)/Steadfast, Loyal And True (Undubbed version)/Loving You (Main version - take 1)/Loving You (Farm version - take 1)/Treat Me Nice (First movie version - take 19)/Treat Me Nice (Takes 10, 13)/I Want To Be Free (Movie version - take 12)/Loving You (Main version - take 3)/Loving You (Farm version - take 6)/King Creole (Take 8 - instrumental) CD 2: Loving You (Main version - takes 5, 8)/Loving You (Farm version - take 10)/Jailhouse Rock (Takes 5, 6)/Treat Me Nice (Takes 6, 13)/I Want To Be Free (Takes 3, 4, 10, 12, 13)/Baby I Don't Care (Take 1)/Loving You (Main version - takes 13, 15)/Loving You (Farm version - take 12)/King Creole (Takes 3, 18)/Steadfast, Loyal And True (Take 6)/Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Takes 1, 4)/She's Not You (Take 2)/Girls! Girls! Girls! (Take 15)/Bossa Nova Baby (Take 2)/You're The Boss (Takes 3, 16)/Little Egypt (Take 21)/If You Don't Come Back (Take 3)/Three Corn Patches (Take 14)/Loving You (Main version - takes 20, 21)/Little Egypt (Take unknown)/Trouble (Take unknown and 21)/Saved (Take 6)/Hound Dog (Freddie Bell And The Bellboys)/Love Me (Willy And Ruth)/Bossa Nova Baby (Tippie And The Clovers)
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Soulignac (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 20, 2004report abuse
very good sound, packaging and cd,thank you very much my happiness,

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