Elvis Boulevard In Helsinki?

Several Elvis started a petition to rename the main "Boulevard Bulevardi" to "Elvis Boulevard". According to initiator Antii Salo a lot of people already signed the petition. He thinks Elvis' 70 birthday in 2005 would be a good date to rename the street.
Source: Elvis Presley Superstar / Updated: Sep 5, 2004 
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hillbillycat (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 9, 2004report abuse
ridiculous...agree totally with king creole, why is this important?
Tigerman-GB (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 7, 2004report abuse
True, also if I remember correctly in Axminster, Devon there is an Elvis Road & a farm somewhere in Wales called St Elvis farm.
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2004report abuse
Yeah I dont see the stupidity in this either... As people point out, streets get their names after a lot of "silly" stuff.
And Tigerman-GB, what if that area was named by an Elvis fan instead, you'd have places like Graceland avenue, Lisa Marie Park, Aaron Square, Vernon Street, Gladys Road, not to mention TCB Industrial Area.
Hehe - that'd be pretty cool, now that I think about it. :D
Tigerman-GB (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2004report abuse
If you think this is stupid you should try looking at a roadmap of Milton Keynes England, where whoever was responsible for road names had obviously reading too many comic books, ie. Lois Lane, Krpton Avenue, Gotham Way ect.
TCB4JEP (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2004report abuse
There are a lot of streets named after important and historical figures. Considering who else has streets named after them in random places, why is Elvis not deserving of this honor? Elvis is loved all over the world and any recognition of this should make Elvis fans nothing but proud!
jeremytcb (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2004report abuse
Why is this idea stupid? If the people decide that they want to name a street after Elvis, why not? Some of you need to lighten up...if the people speak and want an Elvis street who are you to say it is dumb? You folks Elvis fans or not?
Tomek (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2004report abuse
This is pretty nice idea. I'm from Poland and we have "Elvis Presley street" in Cracow (the most beautiful city in Poland, and a lot of history of my coutry is there). So good idea !!!
Cro@kie (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2004report abuse
As a non-finn, I don't think it's so stupid. We have streets and all types of ways bearing the names of people that don't mean anything to anyone any more, so why not Elvis ? At least, it would ring a bell to most...
What is utterly silly though is imagining it can be done in less than 5 months :D
The fool (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2004report abuse
Of all the stupid ideas, this one really takes the cake. Yet another case for the people to see us Elvis fans as total morons. As a Finn I´m ashamed that this kind of stupidity has raised the media´s intrest. It seems that 50 million Elvis fans can be wrong after all. Shame, shame, shame...
Brando (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2004report abuse
As a finn, I have to say this is one of the stupidest idea I ´ve ever heard in Elvisworld.No wonder if people don´t get Elvisfans seriously!
KingCreole (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2004report abuse
Oh my god. Stupid idea.

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