Elvis BMW 507 Found In Warehouse

In a warehouse on Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco the red Elvis BMW 507 (VIN: 70,079) is found in state 5-minus, the owner is Jack Castor.

Thomas Wirth  has found the BMW 50. The full story can be read the current edition of Auto Bild Klassik 1 / 2010.

Source: Elvis Info's / Updated: Mar 12, 2010 
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Linda Kovalcik (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 12, 2010report abuse
Old wreck.
Thorsten_Germany (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 12, 2010report abuse
As a classic car enthusiast (and owner) I immediately rushed to the newsstand and grabbed my copy of Auto Bild Klassik. What happened to the car ist unfortunately a common fate that a lot of cars of that era share. No one took care of it and it is still in a very sad shape. I hope that someday somebody will restore the car to its original beauty. Some years ago Mercedes stated in an advertise that one of the missing 300 SL gullwings once belonged to Elvis. Any evidence available?

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