Elvis Best Selling Artist In The US

Great News with 2 New RIAA Awards Elvis has once again overtaken Garth Brook as the "Biggest Selling Solo Album Artist of All-Time".
The 2 new RIAA Awards are via the 2 Brookville Marketing albums (sold only on television).

'Elvis' - issued in 1973 - 5 x Platinum
'Elvis in Hollywood' - issued in 1976 1 x Platinum

This is fine news as it puts Elvis ahead of Garth Brooks again as the Biggest Selling Solo Album Artist of All-Time in the U.S.A. Brooks currently has 128 million and Elvis now has 129.5 million. 

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Dec 8, 2010 
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Devon (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 16, 2010report abuse
thats why he is THE KING.....need i say more.
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 11, 2010report abuse
I think its great that Elvis is becoming popular in his home country again after a couple of rough decades where he was ridiculed because of silly allegations ( i'm talking to you flavor flav) but i believe this turnabout was due to his poplularity overseas and people like Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi who kind of made America realise what they had. When I meet Americn tourists in the Uk I always joke with them, when they talk about the rich English history I always reply 'yeah but you've got Elvis!' ;)
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2010report abuse
For those of you who have difficulty in understanding how Garth Brooks managed to overtake Elvis' album sales (according to the RIAA) try this one for size. Brian 'Glee' Sets Yet Another Record; Over 100 Singles Charted. This week, the cast of Glee became only the second act in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 to have at least 100 singles appear on that chart. Elvis Presley is number one, with 108 singles, while the Glee cast has just passed the 102 mark. All 102 songs have charted in the past year-and-a half. The new songs that helped the Glee cast reach the milestone were the five new entries from last week's episode, including "Dog Days Are Over" and "(I've Had) The Time of My Life." The Glee cast also has two albums in the top five on the Billboard album chart: Glee: The Music -- The Christmas Album and Glee: The Music: Season Two -- Volume 4. Copyright 2010 ABC News Radio
pomm01 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2010report abuse
In respect of the RIAA, most people are missing some important points. The RIAA are reporting certified sales in rounded numbers per album, per their individual certification level. All artists will be missing some sales because of this, but none as much as Elvis because he has a lot more certifiied albums than anyone else. An even more important point is that you will find in the case of the Beatles/Garth Brooks (a very great country artist by the way, but does not have an international market)/Zepplin etc, that their entire catalogue has pretty much been certified and there is little missing. That is not the case with Elvis, where 3/4's of his catalogue is uncertified for a multitude of reasons, and there are I understand numerous other messy issues that contribute to the RIAA headline figures substantially understating his sales
FLASHBOY (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2010report abuse
If Elvis could have what he really deserve in term of awards and all that he'd be number one t'ill the end of the world.
The RIAA is doing a bad job They hide things regarding Elvis there is no way Garth Brooks is that close to Elvis something is wrong!
Elvisforevertheking (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 10, 2010report abuse
I am so happy! Of course everyone hear knows Elvis is farther ahead of Garth than this. Always the best.
rustymartin13 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2010report abuse
All I can say It's about time. The way they have disrespected him for so long is just wrong. There is no reason why. I wonder if it was MJ would it be different? I don't understand why there isn't more done to show just how much he changed things. I believe there should be a History special about him and what he did. Show what the country was like. I am so tired of the Elvis was a Racist or Elvis stole the black man's sound, It just gets my blood boiling. I think if there was a documentary done about him done right it would show the young people what Elvis did and how important he was. Like John Lennon said, before Elvis there was nothing. I love how they counted a 45 with 2 hits only once. It is such a sham... Plus remember we didn't have ITunes, we saved for weeks to buy an album and had to wait for our parents or someone to take us to a record store that weren't close either.
old shep (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2010report abuse
This is good news, then again we always knew that Elvis' total was far ahead of any rivals. Lets hope that there is more certifications to come.
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2010report abuse
Reply to Sirbalkan, Your guess is as good as mine but I am confident that Sony have got the message. It is now up to them.
Sirbalkan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2010report abuse
Dear Brian... Do you think that they will give attention to your message regarding diamond awards? I hope they do and also for other sales. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for elvis not to have any diamond awards. At least five he should have.
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 9, 2010report abuse
Hey FLY TROUBLE: Yes Garth Brooks is almost unknown outside the USA, so the All Time Best Selling is only for the USA not worldwide. Country Music is HUGE in the USA, but hardly popular in other countries.
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 8, 2010report abuse
Talking of Certifications. According to this week's Billboard Magazine, the 'Christmas Duets' album is No.190 on the Top 200 Album Chart with 5000 sales. This makes a total of 431,000 copies sold overall. Just 69,000 copies to go for GOLD.
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 8, 2010report abuse
Multi-disc albums are counted once for each disc within the album if it is over 100 minutes in length. For example, each copy of OutKast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (running time of 134:56), and Shania Twain's Up! (145:44), both double albums, were counted twice, meaning each album was certified diamond after 5 million copies were shipped. The 100 minute requirement does not apply to albums released in the vinyl era so double albums such as Pink Floyd's The Wall and The Beatles' White Album are counted double even though their running times are under the minimum. Two Elvis Albums e.g. 'Aloha From Hawaii' (currently 5XP) and 'Elvis In Concert' (currently 3XP) were originally released in double album format and because they were below the 100 minute rule they were disqualified for 'double sales'.

Apparently, the reason the 'Aloha' and 'Concert' albums do not qualify for 'double' RIAA sales is that when they were released on CD post 1982 they were on 1 CD whereas the Beatles and Pink Floyd Albums were 'always' 2 album and 2 CD packages. Looks as though BMG, whilst giving good value for money to fans, were not taking care of busines at this time. Even allowing for the RIAA rules, surely the vinyl (double) sales should count from 1973 to 1982). I have e-mailed EPE to contact Sony to try and sort this matter out. 'Aloha From Hawaii' should really have a Diamond Award.
FLY-TROUBLE! (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 8, 2010report abuse
Who the hell Gareth Brooks is? How can be a nameless person (virtually unknown outside the U.S.) is the biggest selling solo album artist of all-time? It's ridiculous.
jean michel (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 8, 2010report abuse
with so many in between sales waiting to be certified ; that's only the tip of the iceberg. yet , still no diamond certifications. I also would like to see more recent releases , from "2nd To None" onward , getting certified. sony seems to be speeding up the certifications process (we don't have to wait Bdays/anniversaries anymore) so maybe we're gonna get ever better surprises in the near future.

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