Elvis’ Aunt Lois Passed Away

Elvis’ Aunt Lois dies: According to a post by Laurie T. on TCB-World, Elvis’ Aunt Lois (maternal side) has passed away. Lois was subject of the controversial 2006 book, The Forgotten Family of Elvis Presley, by R.A. Hines.
Laura T. posted: "Elvis’ Aunt Lois - Died three weeks ago. She had kidney failure. She had been living in a nursing home in Memphis for about 9 months. Last time I talked to her she was in good spirits but in and out of being lucid. (she was the one married to Gladys brother Johnny). She was 83 I believe. She was the last of the Ivy's to go. Lorraine, Billy's mom died a few years after Elvis did."

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Feb 25, 2010 
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