Elvis At The Hayride Reissue

Due for rerelease by Louisiana Hayride, Inc. on September 18, 2007 in the US is the "At the Hayride" book, DVD and CD project. The running time of the DVD is 108 minutes. Track listing: Disc: 1 1. Intro 2. That's All Right, Mama 3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 4. Narrative 5. Hearts Of Stone 6. That's All Right, Mama 7. Tweedle Dee 8. Narrative 9. Money, Honey 10. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 11. I Don't care If the Sun Don't Shine 12. That's All Right, Mama Disc: 2 1. Narrative 2. Good Rockin' Tonight 3. I Got a Woman 4. Narrative 5. Tweedle Dee 6. Narrative 7. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 8. Narrative 9. Baby, Let's Play House 10. Maybellene 11. That's All Right, Mama 12. Narrative 13. I Was the One 14. Love Me Tender 15. Narrative 16. Hound Dog 17. 'Elvis Has Left the Building' 18. Telegram From Elvis & the Colonel 19. Narrative
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livingstonsn (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 21, 2007report abuse
Thanks! Good to know!
Elvisnites (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
Attention livingstonsn and Elvisnites : I just cancelled my order at Amazon USA. The price they announce is for the audio-cd ONLY!! so, no book and no dvd. When you look at their publicity for pre-order they show the pictures of the whole package!! but i just found out that the real price is much higher.Check at the site of the editor, Louisiane Hayride, and you'll see that the price for the whole package is 59.99 usd. I think the way Amazon USA presents this article is misleading publicity and I let them know. Now i'm waiting for an eventual answer from Amazon USA
Elvisnites (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
I agree, this looks like a great package. I for one will be ordering it. I hope they remastered the sound. What I have now is all scratchy. Good price too.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
Hi livingstonsn, No mistake at all ! I ordered my copy today and got confirmation from Amazon. Notice this product is not available for pre-order at Amazon in Great Britain, France, Germany, etc.... Only Amazon USA will have this item in stock from september 18th on,so it seems. The dvd will be region 1 ( ntsc ), but as i have a region-free dvd-player i probably won't have problems playing it here in Belgium.
livingstonsn (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
They have this for pre-order at Amazon for $10.49. Is this some mistake? $10.49????
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
dow we need this? you freak a right we need it. its part of history and any elvis release is needed to show the head honchos he still sells so we can get stuff like elvis on tour released
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
Ciscoking, you're writing " we " don't need it. Would have been better writing " I " don't need it. Well, I'll buy it for sure, although I have already stuff about the Hayride performings. The DVD could be interesting and maybe there will be some unreleased photo's in the book.And last but not least : maybe, maybe, this release will give the correct dates when each song was performed, because untill now there are still a lot of contradictions about those dates, contradictions you'll find in the booklets or inlays of different CD-labels. I found the announcement on Amazon : the price is not expensive at all for a really nice-looking package. Still, I respect your opinion !
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2007report abuse
Besides the good looking package one question: Do we need it..?? The definite answer: No, No, No...!!

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