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Various interesting Elvis item are available at eBay at this moment. You can buy Platinum Records and other awards (an 1/12th scale replica of the 9 foot tall trophy now standing in The Racquetball Room at Graceland) which were given to Don Wardell, a former re-issue producer of Elvis catalogue. Other "fun" items can be an antique Indian Tomahawk, once owned by Elvis. And to top that, even a silver 1969 Mercedes Benz (600 series) which Elvis used when he was honored and received the Jaycees Outstanding Man of the Year Award. Byt you will have to bring over US $137,000.00 to win that auction. Click on the link below to start browsing eBay.
Source: Elvis At Ebay / Updated: Mar 28, 2004 

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Null (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 29, 2004report abuse
This is a great auction site, where I have picked up many Elvis items at bargain prices. There are, however, many signed items some of which look very suspicious. Last year I spotted "signed" copies of the 1979 UK "Love Songs" compilation LP and the 1980's French RCA 10" re-issue LP "The Best of Elvis". I did report my suspicions, giving the vital clue as to my doubts the fact that Elvis died in 1977, but neither item was removed for sale, the 10" LP selling for over £300 to some poor unsuspecting soul. Buyer beware!

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