Elvis At Block Of Fame

Legoland's newest attraction, the Block of Fame, which debuted Friday, has transformed a winding, tree-lined walkway into a fun and educational three-dimensional gallery, putting guests face-to-face with historical and popular personalities who figure prominently in world culture. Legoland master model builders spent more than 40 hours designing, plotting and creating each bust. The collection of busts also includes William Shakespeare, Elvis Presley, Ludwig van Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein. The life-size busts on pedestals are replicated in detail in Lego bricks for the theme park's newest attraction. "The great thing about this attraction is that children see the life-size busts, and if they don't know who they are they begin to ask questions," said Courtney Simmons, a Legoland spokeswoman. "It's great that the children are able to interact with their parent while learning about the great heroes and icons in our history."
Source: Google / Updated: Feb 14, 2004 
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