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He struck again. Since about two weeks ago, a new work of art, from Andreas Dymke, graces the city of Rosslau. This time, the artist, designed part of the outer wall, of the former gym of the 'Goethe-Gymnasium'. The building, that sits on the corner of Goethest./Ziegelst., underwent a complete renovation last summer, under the new owner by the name of Mario Eilfeld, before it re-opened after 18 months to be now used as an event center/hall. To add even more of a dancehall character to the building, Mario Eilfeld thought of a way to enhance the outside look, in a special way."I left it up to the individual artist to decide, what exactly to put on there. The only guideline was that it should include images of famous musicians, as well as musical instruments", says the new owner. Elvis Presley, Madonna and Michael Jackson, all shown in singing poses, ended up on the blue surface, within one day's time. Now, everyone passing by, can admire the spray-painted images. "Since the entire work was done in rather bright spray-colors, the picture really stands out. I think the captions are very good",says the very delighted Mario. " I tried to capture the persons as realistic as possible", explains Andreas Dymke, who does this kind of work often. And he obviously succeeded. Up until now, everyone recognized the three musicians shown, "well, all but one person that is, as he had never heard of Elvis Presley",Andreas explains with a grin.
Source: Elvis Presley - The King (German) / Updated: Oct 2, 2004 
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gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 2, 2004report abuse
Wonderful piece of art, and a great idea..

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