Elvis Arftifacts Collector Box

Normally we don't place ads like this, but we just received it and thought it might be interesting for the serious collectors: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Starting today, orders for this first edition Elvis Artifacts Collector Box Set are being taken. dafridge.com, a Minnesota web-based e-commerce site, is now able to offer the crowing jewel to any Elvis fan's collection of memorabilia. Haley Johnson, of Haley Johnson Design Company, says "This box includes items that give you an intimate look at Elvis' life." Ms. Johnson designed the collector box and oversaw the reproductions of the 15 genuine artifacts, some of which have never been seen outside the gates of Graceland. " I have never felt so close to Elvis". For authenticity, each first edition Artifact Box Set is sequentially numbered. The collector box and all 15 artifacts can be viewed at the dafridge.com website. These spectacular objects chronicle the four decades of Elvis' amazing life. "Elvis is an American institution" says Norm Larsen, president of dafridge.com. "And we have given him a category of his own at dafridge.com. We currently offer six separate items, including a set of 1950's Elvis collector trading card magnets". dafridge.com is very excited to offer the Elvis Artifacts Collector Box Set. Elvis Fans won't want to pass up this tastefully-done chronicle of the King's life. www.dafridge.com --"the world's coolest magnets and stuff."
Updated: Sep 14, 1999 
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