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Usually our quickpoll gives a clear image showing our reader's appriciation or dissaproval regarding the question we asked. With the current question, "Do you think more about Elvis this time of the year?" the result is less clear. Currently 59% says "yes" an 41% says "no". Share (through the "Give your opinion"-link) with other members why you do or don't think more about Elvis this time of the year and what your thoughts are.
Updated: Aug 16, 2005 
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jitterbug3577 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 18, 2005report abuse
I have to agree with the other Elvis Fans. I think of Elvis everyday of the year. There isn't a day goes by that I don't play some of his music.. I have Elvis on my computer as wallpaper, and my icons. I check into the Elvis.com website everyday and look at the webcam they have there and wish I was there. But, at this time of year, the days are sadder then they are througout the year. I was so happy to find out that those of us who could not make it to Graceland for the Candlelight Vigil could actually watch it on their computers, Thanks AOL. I sat at my computer with a candle burning and in my mind I was there. I too voted No on this survey, can't understand with the yes is up higher. This comes from America.
emmablue73 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 18, 2005report abuse
I would have to say I think of Elvis pretty much everyday! My friends and family call me or tell me everytime they see something or hear something new about Elvis! Every holiday, birthday etc. I am always given something Elvis!! I have a very large collection! My mom and I remember his death. I was a little girl, but we were woke up to the announcement of his death on the radio with the song "The King is gone". It was a heartbreaking moment for me and I have continued to be someone who appreciates his music and generosity in my adulthood!!
ElvisO7 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2005report abuse
Like all the fans that wrote I think of Elvis every day as my jobs allow me to listen to his music. There is not a day that goes by that I am out an about that he doesn't come on the radio or TV, or even computers. It seems that he is always there where ever I am. People are amazed when I walk in a store; restaurant; anyplace, he sings one of his songs! At times I find it scary, but know he must be thinking of his fans. I watched what I could of the Vigil & just am in awe at the technology for us. Elvis Lives In Our Hearts! God Bless!
ta2k (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2005report abuse
I also voted no on this one. I`m the same as everyone else really, i think about Elvis everyday. Whether it`s while listening, or watching, or day dreaming for a couple of minutes whilst watching Emmerdale or something! I probably look out for Tv programmes a bit more now as i know there may well be something on,such as this Saturday`s Elvis Mania. Wonder how that will go down? TCB.
newyorknewyork (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2005report abuse
I'm probably the same as every other fan. I generally think of Elvis most days and nights. I have got an Elvis room at home so at my place you cannot help think of him. When the 16th of August comes around I think I am very concious of the time when he passed away, but I am extremely concerned about how quickly the time has flown. And it just seems like another era which really doesn't feel has existed. I just wish that Elvis Presley had been alive today because back in the 50's, 60's and 70's rock stars and film stars seemed so remote, nowadays they are much more like real human beings and I think if Elvis had been around today, who knows he might have called into Richard and Judy for a chat!
cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2005report abuse
I've been reading these posts and find myself sheding a tear or two , what beautiful sentiments, its great to know that there are people as young as me (when I say young 20-50)that share such a strong connection with this wonderful man that his music has touched so many. I love being a Elvis fan , I've been one since I was 6 and continue to be till we all meet up there in the 'Milky white way' lol T C B everyone
Rob Nelson (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2005report abuse
I can't speak for every Elvis fan. Everyone knows Elvis fans come from all walks of life. People who have collected Elvis and followed his career since 1954/55 until present day probably pause on August 16 every year and try to recall memories of all those years ago. Many of us practice this memory ritual when reflecting upon our feelings about J.F.K. or Marilyn Monroe, or John Lennon. Well, you know what I mean. I try to pause and think about my life back during that hot August of 1977. I am 42 years old this year and that was the age when Elvis passed away as we all know. I am the father of children as Elvis was the father of a child too at that time in his life. There are lots of things to ponder as I take this journey in life. I will close by saying I feel very fortunate to have lived in a century where I discovered a performer like Elvis. I can buy his music to this day, and I would never have thought that 28 years later I would have the privelige to type this note on a website which may be viewed by other Elvis admirers from around the world. I believe when Elvis discovered his music on July 6, 1954 it created the "big bang" (excuse me for borrowing a much mentioned quantum scientific theory)which pushed this expanding "musical" universe which we all take for granted and we all enjoy to this day." Thank you Elvis! And thanks to everyone who supports Elvis' legacy to this day. I can't thank you all individually because that would be a long note. Well, my sense of humor is still very dry, isn't it. Have a safe and happy August everyone and it is ok to shed a tear for Elvis now and then.
buyep01 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2005report abuse
I am 28 so this time of year just gives me an excuse to tell Elvis facts to some of my younger friends who are not as thrilled as myself with the king. I voted no in this poll because everyday of my life at home, in the car I am listening to my Elvis music, reading books, surfing the net for anything Elvis. I am always looking for new Elvis items i might have missed anytime I go to a store ore Different city ect. So I guess you could say ever since I heard the first Elvis song at 8yrs old I have been an Elvis fanatic. My parents and grand parents said "He will grow out of it it isnt even the same Generation, and he was not even a month old when Elvis died" My family use to be moderate fans 20yrs ago now because of me they all say theywould be happy if they never heard Elvis again, because I have played his music and movies so much that it will last them a life time. They ask me ever now and then don't you ever get tired of the same songs and films answer NO!! There is no one famous that I am like that about, you could tell me who ever the biggest celebrity is today is sitting in your living room, I would say so go talk to them. But one thing I will never get to see him in concert. I like other singers but He is the only one ELVIS=MUSIC period I would not care if they took every other entertainers music off the planet if they left Elvis's (well they could leave a Hank Williams SR. record or 2) I think about him year round.
Birthday Sis (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2005report abuse
Since I share a birthday w/Elvis, I think more about of him in January than in August. I think about him all year though since I am a huge fan! Even though I was a young girl that August, I'll never forget that day, where I was, nor all the crying I did.
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2005report abuse
The only difference with this time of year is I tend to dwell on how sad and unnecessary Elvis' death was, whereas at any other time I tend be content(for want of a better word) that Elvis died a Rock and Roll death. Usually, I find the negative (for want of a better word) aspects of his personality fascinating and, to be honest, rather cool, but not today. Having said that, I have spent all day watching TCM's Elvis day while the kids are wrecking the house and the missus is going through that "Elvis is more important than me" thing that women tend to do. But as for the actual amount of time spent thinking about The King, well that is a constant with me. Mind you, watching Elvis On Tour earlier, I had one of those watery eyed moments when you watch him perform and you simply cannot believe just how goddamn brilliant that man was. Considering I don't normally have time to watch ANY Elvis film, August 16th is the one day where the whole world knows not to come between me and my "Elvis moment". So it is different in that respect.
Kevin K (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2005report abuse
Like the other posters, I think about Elvis all year round. I'm constantly reminded of him. He's in my house, in my car, in my office.. Everywhere.
bray1977 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2005report abuse
I generally think about Elvis most days. I usually listen to at least a couple of his tracks each day or maybe watch a DVD or just browse the Elvis section in shops. August 16th I feel a bit sadder than usual but other than that, No, I dont think any extra about him today.
nrbl (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2005report abuse
I think of Elvis all the time, except for around this time of year i look out more for him to see if anything new comes out that i can get my hands on, if he's more on the TV, even though i own all his movies/documentaries, if they play on the tube I still watch them, so around this time of year, yes I think more of him.
cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2005report abuse
Yeh I get the same from work colleagues cause of all the coverage TV and radio give Elvis this time of year. I think of him every day anyway so it doesnt make much difference to me I wonder what Lisamarie and family think of the hype that goes on?? I like to think they take a quiet time to remember him in their own way
ElvisDayByDay (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2005report abuse
Whenever Elvis sings "You'll Think of Me'" I have to think about him ;-) But I see or hear him each day so my answer had to be "no" too. On days like this (august 16) friends and collegues make me think of Elvis more though, each asking the (same) question if I'm mourning today.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2005report abuse
Elvis is always on my mind, so I can't think more of him. I am confronted more with him maybe, but that was not the question, so I answered no.

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