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Here is an update from Elvis Unlimited on their upcoming book release "Elvis And The Stars - Candid Shots Of Elvis And The Other Celebrities" which will be published later this summer. Elvis is said to be the most photographed man in history. If not the most photographed, he is certainly one of the most photographed anyway. From every angle and corner, Elvis has been exposed, "recycled" and captured, almost from the day he first stepped in at Sun in Memphis, to record that little single for his beloved mother - or from the day he redefined popular music. Since then, every moment and movement of his life and career has almost been captured on film. The result: An enormous collection of Elvis photos spread around the World. But what was missing in that huge collection - for a big deal - was some crucial information of what, whom and who was seen on the pictures. "Who is Elvis standing with on that pictures?," you have probably asked yourself a hundred times. That problem has now been solved. Elvis' magnetism For the many fans who actually met Elvis personally or saw him at concerts, it was a revelation seeing Elvis' powerful and prolific character. For the many Elvis fans who didn't caught a glimpse of the King - likely the biggest part - it is still a revelation seeing him on pictures and feeling the fascinating magnetism and mysterious charisma of Elvis. Some of those many thousands of photos spread around the World is well-known to many Elvis' fans, thanks to the thousands of books written about the man. Some of the most famous - and perhaps most bizarre and controversial of the history of popular music - being the ones taken in the Oval office at the White House in December 1970. It's off course Elvis' meeting with former President Richard M. Nixon. At the time being, it was a meeting of probably the country's (and the World's) two most prominent household-names for every American citizen. To this day the pictures that captured the event, is still as fascinating, as they were back then. They're simply become household-pictures for every Elvis fan around. Not alone But they're not alone. Elvis was also captured with other personalities like Nixon. He was photographed together with Frank Sinatra, Muhammed Ali, Glen Campbell, Bill Haley, Dean Martin and Sophia Loren among many, many others. All of which today is considered to be household pictures as well, in the enormous collection of Elvis snapshots taken during his life. But sometimes you've probably caught a glimpse of Elvis with someone else on a picture, you never knew who were? If so, you have the chance to learn a lot more about these other - not to famous - personalities. Names like Tempest Storm, Imogene Coco, Dorothy Harmony, Gary Merrill and Hedda Hopper. You can read a lot more about them and many others, their meeting and connection to Elvis, in the detailed new book entitled "Elvis And Other Celebrities - Candid Favourite Shots", released through Elvis Unlimited very soon. First A-Z book The new book is not supposed to be a new photo book, with many rare and unpublished photos, even though some are really rare. Instead it's the first ever A-Z book, to sum up all the details of every personality Elvis met in his life, in a compact form with a picture of Elvis and the person written about. At least an attempt to do so. A book terribly missed for every Elvis fan around. The picture shows Elvis about to shake hands with the queen of Denmark.That picture and many more rare and unpublished pictures can be found in the book. The book will be released later this summer.
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Jun 15, 2004 
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Abidaslam1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 15, 2004report abuse
Having read his autobiogrophy, Brando didn't have that high a regard for Elvis. It seems he feels that someone who took drugs shouldn't be a role model. It amazes me that celebrities should know better than to believe in hearsay and the gutter press having experience of these things, but obviously not.
nico80 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 15, 2004report abuse
Is there any picture of the greatest singer with the greatest actor of the century, Elvis with Marlon Brando, wouldn't it be great ?

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