Elvis And The Blue Moon Conspiracy

Released last month is the book "Elvis And The Blue Moon Conspiracy" from Mark McGinty. Here is the information on the book and author. About the book Months before man landed on the moon in 1969, NASA Administrator and former JFK adviser, Jack Monroe, thought the mission needed a slight improvement. He turned to Peter Dixon, his second-in-command, and together this dynamic pair concocted a spectacle that would honor the pinnacle of the space race: a lunar celebration, an outer space gala called Operation Blue Moon. To make it happen, they needed to hire the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Dani Mitchell is a young, ambitious journalist from The Sensational Nation whose recent breakout interview with the Dalai Lama earned critical acclaim. Her next assignment is an exclusive one-on-one with Elvis--and the King is nowhere to be found. With Monroe and Dixon standing in her way, Dani embarks on a mission to track down Elvis Presley. In the final days before the moon landing, she’ll find her way to the bottom of NASA’s mysterious Operation Blue Moon and learn the true story of Apollo 11. An entertaining read for conspiracy buffs, Elvis lovers, space fanatics and fans of mystery, romance and adventure About the author Mark McGinty is 28 years old and currently resides in Minneapolis, MN. He has worked as a banker, a bill collector, a technical writer, a forklift operator, a little league umpire and coach, a cashier, a baby-sitter, a house-sitter, a caddy and a refrigerator delivery man. Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy is his second novel--his first was never published, and is forever entombed on his bookshelf under a very thick layer of dust.
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