Elvis: All Shook Up

New book release announced: Elvis: All Shook Up - Stories and Insights from David Halberstam, William F. Buckley, Bono, Robert Plant, Ann-Margret, Peggy Lipton, and Many More. Roy Blount Jr. Jr. (Introduction). This 320 page hardcover release from Union Square Press will be published in May 2011. ISBN-10: 140278418X ISBN-13: 978-1402784187.

Product Description:

Elvis remains the “King” of rock-and this star-studded collection pays tribute to his enduring power. Admirers from all walks of life weigh in, including award-winning journalists and influential thinkers (William F. Buckley Jr.); rock stars (Kris Kristofferson, Bono); starlets (Ann Margret, Barbara Eden), Peter Guralnick and many others. Entertaining and illuminating, this anthology shows why people continue to be “all shook up” over Elvis.

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Oct 26, 2010 
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SatninTCB (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2010report abuse
Another book to charge $50.00 or more for but offers nothing new to the fans that we don't already know! Think i'll pass on this one....

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