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During the annual EPE fan club president's luncheon some details on the changes at the Graceland Crossing were announced. We asked EPE's Todd Morgan for more details, here is his reaction: "One of the empty shops in Graceland Crossing will become a new mini-museum called Elvis After Dark. The name has nothing to do with its hours of operation, although it will remain open after other tour operations are closed. The theme has to do with so much of Elvis's activity in life and in his career having taken place at night. It's just a fun name. The other vacant shop will be another EPE gift shop and will be tied thematically to the exhibit. The Sincerely Elvis museum in Graceland Plaza changes themes every year or so. By the first week of March the new year-long theme will be Elvis '56 with exhibits relating to the career and life events of 1956, the year Elvis's career exploded. All this will be formally announced with details later this year. Our staff clued the fan club leaders in on it in advance via the Elvis Fan Club Presidents' Brunch during the EP Birthday festivities and that's why it's all over the fan sites and messageboards. At the Fan Club Presidents' Brunch one of the speakers was the prinicipal of Humes Jr. High School (It was L.C. Humes High School when Elvis attended). The principal said something about supporting the idea of changing the name of the school to Elvis Presley Junior High School or Elvis Presley Middle School. It took us all by surprise. We have no details yet. Frankly, we think it's unlikely to happen due to the historical status of the identity of the school. But it was a lovely gesture on the part of the principal. The school auditorium was named after Elvis in the late 1980s and they have had an Elvis exhibit room since the early 1980s. Since 1982, the year Graceland opened, we have been involved with the school via the Memphis City Schools Adopt-A-School program, an organization that connects schools with business entities to offer support of various kinds."
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jan 16, 2006 
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