Elvis Advertisement

In Belgium Dodge uses Elvis image for a new advertisement. The text with the picture tells the story of Elvis using his Dodge camper to travel between Memphis and Hollywood making movies in the sixties. The ad reads: “The car Elvis used most, was a Dodge Camper. He bought the car in 1962, when he made 3 movies a year in Hollywood. He had the cars customized, with a.o. a special buffet bar. The Dodge frequently drove the 2000 miles between California and Graceland. Lamar Fike, a buddy of Elvis, once cut off the roof when he drove the Dodge under a too narrow viaduct in Las Vegas. Later, when they ran out of gas in the Mojave Desert, Elvis sent out Fike for petrol. By foot.”
Source: The United Elvis Presley Society / Updated: Jul 2, 2006 
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