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Following the JAT Productions book, "Elvis - Portraits", due for release in April, the next project by Joe Tunzi will be "Elvis - Concerts which "should be released late 2008. The cover art picture will be that of the one originally planned for 'Elvis Portrait's" book. Both books will be full color and in an hardcover and should contain all unpublished photos.

Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Jan 31, 2008 
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Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2008report abuse
Hey Joe, why not get one book out before you announce the next one?! I was going to do a photo book myself but I didn't have a title for it. I do now. My new book, 'Elvis - Concerts', will be out in a few weeks. It will contain pictures of...erm...er...erm..Elvis at different concerts. One section will contain pictures of the very rare "Insane Goat" jumpsuit which he wore for only half a concert. He had to change it in the middle of 'My Way' as he started to froth at the mouth and grow horns. The pictures I have are AWESOME! But because the book will be full colour and printed in silver-plated hardback metal, the cost will be $2000,00000,0000000,00000000000,000. But remember, it is AWESOME!

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