Electrabel Goes Cheap

The newest campaign of the Belgian energy provider Electrabel probably isn’t cheap – at least not moneywise, but looking at the content, it is. Electrabel is on the look-out for as much Elvis imitators as they can get. One condition: they have to be ‘full of energy”. Glue on those sideburns, is their device. At this moment, the list of Belgian Elvis imitators has 5 names, but undoubtedly Electrabel will ad more later on. Too bad that, once again, Elvis’s name and reputation is dragged thru the mud by a series of dressed up fools. O, the man in the ad, is the American ‘look-alike’ Kerry Summers from the state of Utah, and travel agent by profession. But let’s try to look at it from the bright side: tv viewers of the parade of dressed up would-be singers, will soon find out that there’s only one Elvis. Talking about cheap, Microsoft Turkey used the same image in May 2005 for a Microsoft campaign "Nothing Can Replace the Original".
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Jul 20, 2005 
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