Ed Bonja - Health Update(d)

Ed Bonja's surgery has been postponed. They are trying to operate (double bypass) before this weekend. The good thing is he is stable and he says he feels good according to an update from the Elvis2001 website. Ed Bonja's pictures can be found on nearly all of Elvis’ LP covers in the seventies and in a lot of Elvisbooks. Ed Bonja worked for Colonel Parker throughout the seventies but was part of the Elvis family since his childhood. If you'd like to send him a card (no flowers) this is the address: Ed Bonja University Medical Center 1800 E. Charleston Blvd. rm 234-1 Las Vegas, NV 89104 Update 11/08: the latest news on Ed Bonja, he just informed some people his surgery is Friday, at 1 pm pacific time. Update 12/08: As of last nite, 8/12, Ed Bonja survived the surgery. He had a quadruple bypass. His son informed our contact that xrays were to be taken to make sure all was functioning ok. Update 14/08: the latest on Ed Bonja: Ed informed friends (day after the surgery) he is feeling well and is in good spirits. He is still in the intensive care unit. He cannot accept flowers there, only cards. For mailing cards, the address is ok, but please put his name on the envelope since ed has changed locations in the hospital. Ed appreciates all the prayers and good thoughts out there and is looking forward to feeling better day by day. From Sue Lorenz, Viva Las Vegas! fan club.
Source: Various / Updated: Aug 13, 2005 
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