Ebony's Double Died

Ebony's Double, a 32 year-old, registered Tennessee Walking Horse, the last horse Elvis bought, died last week. Ebony's Double resided in the pastures and barn on the property at Graceland.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jan 19, 2005 
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King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 24, 2005report abuse
People express sadness at Elvis' horse dying and it results in people coming out with usual "you think more of animals than people" comments. Pity you can't take up being miserable, moaning know-alls as a profession - you would make your fortune in no time.
P.S. Pareto - I suggest you actually read the Bible.
BellsN95 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 21, 2005report abuse
It is sad to know that something Elvis purchased and loved has past on. I agree with the PP in that his circle is passing and that soon no true memories will be left. Stories, sure, but you won't know what's true and whats not.
As humans we are entitled to feel sadness as well as pray that Elvis can enjoy Ebony now. You want to have good thoughts about passing on. There is nothing wrong with this.
Pareto, if you have a concern with how individuals feel about the horse then don't visit this particular forum. Allow those that enjoyed visiting with the horse or viewing with them "morn" the loss. You referred to what Elvis would want and how he would feel. I am sure he would love the fact that he is gone, yet individuals still care for him and the people or animals that he held dear.
I can't comment on the lisa marie post as I have yet to read it. But all I CAN say is to each his own. We are all entitled to have our opinions but personally why would I go into a forum discussing the death of a horse and bash those "morning". It's not something I would do. I would simply not post.
pareto (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 21, 2005report abuse
well gloria, I just think this forum is getting weird
on one side you have people talking about a horse like if it would be a human beeing on the other hand you have people talking about elvis' most beloved thing he had, Lisa Marie, like she was an animal (read the comments about her upcoming cd and make yourself a picture of the intellectual level of some so called fans...) what on earth is wrong with you guys?are you out of your minds?
instead of imagining how elvis is riding his horse in "heaven" try imagining how he would kick your asses if he heard you talk like this about his daughter!
Gloria (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 21, 2005report abuse
pareto Why are you taking so much of your precious time spent reading these messages to reply to such "stupidity". These people aren't "blasphemic" they are just kindred souls expressing a sadness. I can't or wouldn't blast the afterlife I don't know enough to know if there is even an afterlife. But, it is a nice thought of Elvis riding Ebony's Double in the hereafter.
pareto (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 21, 2005report abuse
cmon, give me a big break since when are horses going to heaven, are these comments pure stupidity or are people starting to become blasphemic?
jessy (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2005report abuse
Rest in peace Ebony's Double. Have fun with Elvis and Rising Sun in Heaven! I saw Ebony's in the pasture when I was at Graceland last october and It was a beautifull horse.
Gloria (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2005report abuse
I too am sad to hear this, I visited Elvis's Estate just a few days before Christmas. Both horses were in the pasture. It was a lovely site. Just grazing peacefully. Also am sad so many of Elvis's circle are dying, soon all will be gone and the true stories of Elvis will be no more.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2005report abuse
I am so sad to hear of Ebonys passing. I can see you in heaven with Elvis riding you once again
Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2005report abuse
Agree with you all. Visited Memphis from UK and have some wonderful pictures of Ebonys Double. Sad to see another connection with Elvis go. Still I know someone who will be pleased to see her again! But well done to the girls/guys who helped give her a wonderful, long life.
JC┬┤ (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2005report abuse
walkin┬┤ heaven Ebony, God bless you little horse.
vegaselvisfan (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2005report abuse
as a horse lover, i am sad to see this passing. what a long lovely life 'double' had, tho! i wish the same for my horses. elvis, you ve got another stable mate with you again. happy riding!
ep1tcb (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 19, 2005report abuse
It's a shame to see that everything that can be associated with Elvis, in this case not only human beings, is slowly coming down. People who have ever worked for or with the king are fewing each year. And now this precious last horse, ever to known Elvis personally. Sad sad sad......
Jazz (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 19, 2005report abuse
This is so sad, I remember seeing it at Graceland, and it was a beautiful horse.

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