East Tupelo & Elvis, That's The Way It Was

The book, 'East Tupelo & Elvis, That's the Way It Was' by Wanda Powell Heagy will be released late July or early August 2010. The book is a Hardback with dust jacket, 357 pages. 

This is a book that contains the history of East Tupelo where Elvis was born and how it progressed during his life living here. It also contains information about Elvis, his family, interviews, and over 150 photos and maps.

You can get an ideal of what it was like for Elvis being born and living here during his lifetime, businesses that were here and the progress in East Tupelo during his life.

Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Jul 9, 2010 
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moviemaker (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 10, 2010report abuse
We know this author, Wanda and she really knows what life was like in East Tupelo because she grew up there and of course, still lives there. I know many books have been published on Elvis but this one will give a new perspective on Elvis in so much as what it was like for him living in that area.

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