DVD Troubles

We got a couple of emails stating that the new Jailhouse Rock DVD is not in colour. We informed at Amazon (since we don't have our own copies yet), and they assured us it is color. One of the people who already received the DVD called Amazon. After talking to the right people Amazon looked at their information and ... it stated that the new release is in b/w!!! Amazon had put the wrong information online based on the new cover of the re-release of this movie. "on the press release the cover was in color and different from the old one so people assumed that it is in color, but the truth is that Warner bros just took over the rights to MGM and is re releasing some older titles including "Jailhouse Rock" and "Viva Las Vegas". So all they did was up grade the packaging on "Jailhouse Rock"". We also got a complaint about the sound of the NBC-DVD's. The covers are stating it is Dolby 5.1, but according to our member it isn't. We hope to get our copy of these DVD's in a couple of days, and we'll inform you about our own experiences as soon as possible.
Source: Email / Updated: Aug 4, 2000 

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