Dutch Concert Not Sold Out Yet

Contrary to several rumour doing the rounds, the Dutch "Elvis The Concert" on April 27, 2005 is not sold out. So if you want to see Elvis' former band mates, conductor and backing groups in action you can still get your tickets.
Updated: Mar 11, 2005 
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macuser (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 13, 2005report abuse
Contrary to what is published and even said by Mojo-concerts were the anouncement was taken from,the Concert is for the sales-director of Ahoy Sport Palace a SOLDOUT event.Those sections who are still open are so minor,as in you can't get 2 seats besides each other, that the NOT SOLD OUT sign can be called void.If you wanna have a ticket, only the second ring way in the back and near the stage,Cd/Cc and Cj Ci, are still left open but also due to regulations not that interesting for sale.
jessy (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 13, 2005report abuse
I think the show is fantastic ,saw It 5 or 6 times, but. Saw the show In Ahoy Rotterdam and one time in The Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam and I am never going to Ahoy again! Because the sound etc in H.M.H is great, much better than Ahoy! So I hope the show comes to Amsterdam again I am going. And It is no waste of money.
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 13, 2005report abuse
dont waste your money buy a cd or dvd or whatever . waste of money

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