Drive-In Dream Girls

A book we missed when it came out this March. Drive-In Dream Girls Lisanti profiles 50 actresses who were envied by teenage girls and desired by teenage boys. The release is nicely split between interviews with 20 drive-in dream girls and profiles on 30 other sexy starlets from the golden age of our drive-in experience. The actresses featured read like a who's who of Elvis films, albeit many of the names not being immediately familiar: Cynthia Pepper (Kissin' Cousins), Marlyn Mason (The Trouble With Girls), Laurel Goodwin (Girls! Girls! Girls!), Pat Priest (Easy Come, Easy Go), Juliet Prowse (G.I. Blues), Joan Freeman (Roustabout), Jenny Maxwell (Blue Hawaii), Brenda Benet (Harum Scarum), Gail Gilmore (Harum Scarum), Suzie Kaye (Clambake), Darlene Tompkins (Blue Hawaii), Regina Carrol (Viva Las Vegas), Nancy Czar (Girl Happy & Spinout), Anne Helm (Follow That Dream), Mary Hughes (Double Trouble) and Dodie Marshall (Spinout and Easy Come, Easy Go). What the actresses have to say about appearing with Elvis makes very interesting reading as do the accounts of the rest of their lives and careers. Some of the actresses featured went on to success while others eventually left the industry to follow other pursuits.
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Jun 16, 2003 
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