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The song "Let's Get It On" from Marvin Gaye is the most sexy song ever. The song was voted the #1 sexy song ever by the British music magazine Q. Elvis Presley closes the top 20 with his "Love Me Tender". 1. Marvin Gaye: 'Let's Get It On' 2. Justin Timberlake: 'Rock Your Body' 3. Britney Spears: ‘Slave 4 U' 20. Elvis Presley: 'Love Me Tender
Source: Today Tomorrow And Forever / Updated: Feb 2, 2004 
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Flipper (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2004report abuse
Elvis' sexiest songs: One Night and Merry Christmas Baby
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2004report abuse
I personally fast forward every time I hear Love Me Tender, hate the song and I love Elvis big style. Just shows how we all have different likes and dislikes :-)
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2004report abuse
I wonder how many people picked at random would be able to sign the Britney or Justin songs? Not me, for one. But Elvis' "Love Me Tender", a higher percentage I would have thought. I'm not knocking these artists, they're great for the kids, that's all in my humble opinion.
dzelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2004report abuse
i dont care what they say Elvis will always be number one to his fans everywhere, how can you make britney #3 and justin #2 and elvis 20 thats ridiculous!! please give me a break theres no comparison of who is the best here, we all know is Elvis!!
Bingo (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2004report abuse
Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender" might be #20 on the list,for an Elvis die hard fan-atic like me, it will always be "numero uno". For that matter, any Elvis song will always occupy top spot for me.
Alejandro (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 3, 2004report abuse
I can´t believe that Britney in the 3 place and Elvis in the 20, if they had put to Sara Brightman or Barbra Streisand I had liked this in the recruit more. The important thing is that Elvis follows present. Good luck in this important year for you Elvis!!!
TCBinPS (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 2, 2004report abuse
Yes, 20 years from now we'll say Britney who?? In my books Elvis will always be number one!! TLC from Palm Springs, California Fiona
PDFMA (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 2, 2004report abuse
In my opinion, the sexiest song ever would be "love Me" by the King!
Tomek (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 2, 2004report abuse
Nice, let's wait 20 years Elvis will be still there and the rest - well, take a guess :-)

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