DJ Fontana Summer Tour

DJ Fontana will start a new summer tour this week in Europe, together with The Cadillac band. He will play 6 shows in Sweden and one in Milano, Italy. They made successful trip 2 months ago with the "Good Rockin' Tonight Tour".
Source: Email / Updated: Jun 5, 2006 
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Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 7, 2006report abuse
JD was/is a great drummer just listen to the early recordings such as "Too Much" ect, along with Scotty Moore's jazzy guitar ( and I'm not a fan of guitar) great stuff on the LP "King Creole" ect.
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 5, 2006report abuse
What can you say... This is the guy who played the drums behind Elvis on so many legendary recordings from the "50´s. That rockabilly trainlike sound on "My baby left me" is a blueprint on what less is more is. Sure, the Sun recordings were fab, but it was when DJ Fontana was taken into the band in "56 that in my opinion Rock´n roll was born.! That laidback,although agressive sound he added brougt the last piece in a puzzle. Elvis didn´t care much for jazz, but the artform of what they were about to create needed something, ironically jazz was the missing ingridience in their formula. And with DJ and Chet Atkins,the timeless Heartbreak hotel was born. I´m gonna go and wach Dj here in Sweden, and if he only sits there in real person doing nothing(!) I´ll be happy.
sherriemr (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 5, 2006report abuse
I've also had the pleasure of meeting DJ Fontana...He's a very sweet person...and he still kicks butt on the drums.
boris (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 5, 2006report abuse
I met DJ a few years ago and I must say he's a very fine guy. He has a great talent and it (still) shows. Don't miss this one if you live in Sweden... or in Milan, Italy!

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