DJ Fontana And The Jordanaires Recorded With Join Joey Figgi

The Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Joey Figgiani, is set to release an album of classic and rare Elvis Presley songs titled "Under The Memphis Sun" featuring Elvis' original drummer, DJ Fontana and background vocalists, The Jordanaires. The CD will be released bye Three Minute Records on August 15, 2005. The album includes updated versions of classic and rare Elvis songs recorded with engineer/guitarist James Lott at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis and with Elvis' band members DJ Fontana and The Jordanaires at 16th Ave Sound in Nashville. Figgiani is dedicated to maintaining and furthering the power, importance, and integrity of Elvis' music. "My intention with this album is to keep the Elvis flame burning for all fans of his music, but also reintroduce new generations to his incredible work." Under the Memphis Sun is comprised of inspired versions of eleven classic and rare Elvis songs. From the rocking "That's All Right" recorded at Sun Studio to Joey's touching version of "Peace in the Valley" backed by the Jordanaires, Under the Memphis Sun preserves the dignity and legacy of the original songs while tastefully updating them for today's audience. DJ Fontana played drums on "You’re So Square," "Mean Woman Blues," and "Don’t Ask Me Why." The Jordanaires backed Joey on "Peace In The Valley," "Don’t’ Ask Me Why" and "Fire," a Bruce Springsteen song originally written for Elvis." The album also includes "Mystery Train," "Blue Moon of Kentucky," (with Sun Studio Chief Engineer James Lott on lead guitar) along with tender takes on "My Happiness," "Blue Moon," and "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" (with Joe Fick of The Dempsey’s on upright slap bass). The rare cut, "How the Web Was Woven" is an homage to Elvis' great range and sure to surprise those who only know Elvis as a guy in a white jumpsuit.
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Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 9, 2005report abuse
I didn't know "Fire" was written originally for Elvis by Spruce Brinklestien.

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