Disappointing Auction Result

A collection of Elvis merchandise was auctioned in the town of Derby, UK last weekend. Parking guard Julie Wall (47) stole about $1.100.000 from the parkingmachines in the city and used the change to buy items for her Elvis collection. It took over 10 years before the city detected the fraud. When Julie was replaced during a period of illnes, the profit from the parkingmachines was a lot higher then before. Wall was arrested and just finished her 3 years in prison. To minimize the damage for the loss of money, the collection was auctioned. The majority of the catalogue were not valuable items aparently, the final result was a rather disappointing 220.000 $US.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Jun 11, 2007 
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Tony D. (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 13, 2007report abuse
I was at this auction and I don't believe it was a "disappointment". Many of the items went for more than I expected (£1,400) for a Sun single!? But a lot of the records were sold in bunches of 8, 10, 17, 20 etc, so if you were just after 1 or 2 items for your collection, you had to purchase a whole pile of other stuff. Also, some of the listings in the catalogue were wrong and misleading; I bought a bunch of extremely rare 8 HMV UK 78rpm test pressings which were listed as being American LP's!!!?! In one listing, "Harem holiday" was listed as "Hair and holiday"!!!!
elvis-finland (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2007report abuse
Shouldn't it be written as $1,100,000?
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 11, 2007report abuse
they should make a movie about this, $1.100.000.. you can almost buy Graceland for that kind of money!

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