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In the U.S. different versions of the "2nd To None" CD are available. We found the following information on bonus tracks on the FECC messageboard. At Target stores: Additional CD with 2 tracks 1) Viva Las Vegas (takes 1,2) 2) Bridge Over Troubled Water (take 1) At Best Buy stores: Additional CD with 2 tracks 1) Too Much Monkey Business (alt. take 9) 2) That's All Right (live at the International Hotel, August 10, 1970). Wal*Mart 1) Special weblink for alternate take of "Little Sister" KMart 1) Free poster
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Paul Simon (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2003report abuse
FTD_44, Thanks for your response. I bought three Target Exclusive 2nd to None CD's (one for me, one for my parents and one for my sister/brother-in-law). Each bonus CD had only take one for Viva Las Vegas. Take one and take two may be found on Silver Screen Stereo. The one plus about the bonus CD is that just prior to take 1 starting you here the engineer say, "O.K. El, 2004, take 1". You do not hear this on the Sivler Screen Stereo FTD. Still would be nice to get what is "advertised" on the bonus CD: Viva Las Vegas (Takes 1 and 2) 4:36.
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 12, 2003report abuse
Paul thank you for point out the Viva Las Vegas i did notice that it seemed like only one take but didn't notice the time on it,as far as a recall,ya right i am sure that Target or Bmg will go to all that trouble for the outakes,besides if it is a mistake most people will want the screw up don't you agree?. Also thank you for letting me know that the outtakes are all on the FTD label,take one of Bridge Over Troubled Water is excellent and why didn't Bmg release it on TTWII originally not that the take on the album isn't nice,but i like hearing just Elvis,it seems that someone@the studios where recorded(in my opinion) got the idea Elvis could handle the song on it's own so let's throw in everything including the kitchen sink, some of the original lp's that were released should be remixed w/o the sink and the rest of the kitchen and just have a nice mic of Elvis and the band,example You Don't Have To Say You Love Me,just my opinion. Paul i just checked on the Viva Las Vegas you are absolutely correct,1 min 47 secs, Hey anyone@bmg paying attention,bad enough that Little Sister starts late now this when will someone starting caring about the fans
Paul Simon (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 11, 2003report abuse
Target Exclusive 2nd to None CD: Viva Las Vegas - On Bonus CD shows (takes 1, 2) 4:12. What is exactly heard is just take 1 at 1:50. Where is the rest of the music? Has anyone else experienced this with the bonus CD that was a Target exclusive in 2nd to None? Has anyone been notified of a recall or repalcement of the 2nd to None Target Exclusive! 2 Alternate Track Bonus CD?
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 10, 2003report abuse
Jeremy, Yes all the bonus tracks, have been released on the FTD label.
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2003report abuse
I wanna comment on the version of Little Sister,though it is very crisp i notice that it kinda starts late and i have noticed this before on other cd's, look i am spending good money on basically rehash and i expect good material, don't the fans who pay the executive salaries deserve good stuff, i'm sure if Elvis were alive he wouldn't let this happen, come on if your gonna put it out put it out right, geeesh! and why no outatkes like on E1, hey the complete Viva Las vegas would have been nice.
jeremytcb (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2003report abuse
Can anyone tell me if these alt. takes have been officially released before? Thanks.
mikem (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 7, 2003
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text

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