Details '56 Sessions Volume 2

Here are the details of the second volume of The '56 Sessions. This (Dutch) release is a limited edition upgraded version of the original 1978 album. It includes: - 9 bonus tracks; - 3 introductions of the original master recordings; - with original album artwork and liner notes; - all original masters are remixed / remastered; - including 4 official previously unreleased tracks. Track listing 1. Anyway You Want Me 2. Love Me Tender (movie version) 3. We’re Gonna Move 4. Introduction / Poor Boy 5. Let Me (movie version) 6. Playing For Keeps 7. Love Me 8. Paralysed 9. How Do You Think I Feel? 10. How’s The World Treating You? 11. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 12. Introduction / Long Tall Sally 13. Old Shep 14. Too Much 15. Any Place Is Paradise 16. Ready Teddy 17. First In Line 18. Rip It Up 19. Old Shep (alternate take 2) 20. Introduction / Love Me Tender 21. Let Me 22. Poor Boy (movie version) 23. Long Tall Sally (overdubbed live version) 24. 1956 Commercial #1 25. 1956 Commercial #2 26. Love Me Tender (instrumental) 27. Love Me Tender (live recording)
Source: Elvis Corner / Updated: Feb 5, 2007 
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MR61 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 8, 2007report abuse
Rubbish like vol 1
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 8, 2007report abuse
at least its a limited edition.
Cruiser621 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2007report abuse
Absolute garbage.
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2007report abuse
JUNK in english.....please start a chain in other languages.
wayup (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2007report abuse
Lex, seems you like the word that I used to describe this piece of polycarbonate / aluminium ;-). Anyway, I have such feeling that Vol. 3 of this cofee saucer is coming... will be a great sequel ...
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2007report abuse
Brrrr... wasn't volume 1 enough?? How low can you go...
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2007report abuse
I would call it a downgraded rather than upgraged version.
wayup (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2007report abuse
ElvisNews, I am pretty sure that you will not like word that I will use now but the best descrption of this poorness is: SHIT. Erase the word or not, it will be still SHIT disc.
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2007report abuse
Are people supposed to buy this? When does it stop.?
Roy M (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2007report abuse
please not more Euro junk

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